Human body Static discharge unit

Introduction to Human body Static discharge unit

Earth Relay for safety device for screening personnel entering areas where electrostatic Charge is not allowed This Earth Relay Unit control and display unit can be mount on a wall at about shoulder height. This unit is mounted on stainless plate having two handles one is "Hand 1" to test the resistance and another is "Hand 2" having connected to the dedicated earth point where human body is to be discharges By holding handle “Hand1” and “Hand2” on unit the monitoring circuit is activated and the Human static start discharge in which resistance calculated is measured between the handle and the Reference handle & once it complete the Green LED become ON & Display shows PASS.

The core Unit is installed in a ATEX, IECEx , CIMFR & PESO approved enclosure for ZONE 1 & Zone 2 IIA IIB & IIC. the Core unit is ATEX , CIMFR & PESO approved manufactured as per EN 6007901 EN 60079-1

Human body Static discharge unit

Human body Static discharge unit

The OSNA HUMAN BODY STATIC DISCHARGE UNIT gives complete assurance of safety in all area in which any static charge is not allowed by HUMAN BODY.

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