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OSNA Electronics Pvt Ltd earlier known as P & F Electronics Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated in 1985 as  a joint venture with Pepper + Fuchs GmbH Initially it started its production facility in New Delhi from 1985 to 1990.We are dedicate  to develop quality automation products, service , timely deliver & solutions across the world.   
OSNA has Modern design and production facility manufacturing  ATEX certified Signal isolator barriers , NAMUR proximity Switch, Zener Barriers, Enclosure.OSNA manufacturing more than 800 type of Proximity Switches , wide range of Earth Relay Units up to 8 channels , Human Body static discharge devise & NON IS barriers.

Our History


The Foundation Years In 1985, P & F Electronics Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated as a joint venture with Pepper + Fuchs GmbH, marking the beginning of its journey. Initially, the company set up its production facility in New Delhi, India, and commenced operat


Growth and Diversification In the early 1990s, Osna Electronics Pvt Ltd. experienced significant growth in its market presence and product offerings. The company expanded its manufacturing capabilities and developed a modern design and production facili


Expanding Product Portfolio As the demand for automation solutions surged, OSNA Electronics Pvt. Ltd. continued to expand its product portfolio. The company introduced a diverse range of more than 800 types of proximity switches, catering to various ind

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