Sockets for plugin sensors
Sensors for steel Industries
Galvanic Isolators
Motor Protection Units
Zener Barriers
Safety Light Curtain
  • 1983
    Establishing the joint venture between Dipl.-Ing Raghavbir Sawhney and Pepperl & Fuchs GmbH ,Germany

  • 1984
    Beginning of Commercial production of proximity sensors in New Delhi factory.

  • 1985
    Registration with the Registrar of Companies, New Delhi

  • 1985
    Production of Trip Amplifiers and Speed monitors started

  • 1986
    Participation in first UHDE projects

  • 1987
    Receipt of first BASEEFA certificate awarded to an Indian production unit

  • 1988
    First BASEEFA factory assessment in India as per BS 5750 (pre-standard of the ISO9002)

  • 1989
    Registration with EIL (Engineers India Ltd). CMRI certifications. Participation in sssss Atomic Energy Commission project for Heavy Water Plant.

  • 1990
    Re-naming the company as OSNA Electronics P Ltd after ending of the collaboration with Pepperl & Fuchs.

  • 1991
    Re-certification of Ex- products from the CENELEC

  • 1992
    Creation of a captive tool room for fabricating moulds for synthetic housings

  • 1993
    The creation of a captive unit for turning stainless steel housings.

  • 1994
    Created a captive unit for injection moulded parts.

  • 1995
    First participation at the INTERKAMA 95

  • 1996
    The creation of a captive unit for making transformers

  • 1997
    Creation of a captive PCB production unit

  • 1998
    Commencing exports to European community

  • 1998
    First participation at the Hannover Trade fair 98.

  • 1999
    Distribution of products to South Korea

  • 2000
    Annual rate contracts with steel and Cement plants in India

  • 2001
    Participation at Hannover and INTERKAMA, Dusseldorf

  • 2001
    OSNA OS system production

  • 2002
    Participation at International Trade Fair in Shanghai

  • 2003
    Commercial production of multi channel signal converters

  • 2004
    Participation at the INTERKAMA in Hannover

  • 2005
    Captive unit of roller threading for steel housings.

  • 2005
    The 20th Anniversary of OSNA celebrated .

  • 2006
    Tie up with Sensopart for the marketing of their range of OPTICAL SENSORS and related products in India.

  • 2007
    Held the largest dealer training workshop in New Delhi.

  • 2008
    Commenced supplies of specially designed barriers to L & T for their range of Petrol Pump installations.

  • 2009
    Technical Collaboration with Fotoelektrik Pauly GmbH for special sensors for Steel Mills.

  • 2010
    Opening of Osna-Jamshedpur to cater to the Steel industry.

  • 2011
    Collaboration with Datalogic, Bologna for Optical sensors

  • 2012
    First incorporation of ASI Bus in India

  • 2013
    Design and production of SMART ERU ( Earth Relay Units) with MODBUS interface.

  • 2014
    Production of Flameproof Aluminium housings for export

  • 2015
    Production of Flameproof Glands.

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